quality control of injection tooling and molded plastics parts

quality control of injection tooling and molded plastics parts

Our company has an eye for quaility and for quality control. We think this philosophy is necessary for a long term co-operation with our customers. ( in conrast to other( chinese) companies that are usually interested in short term quick earning).

Our quality control starts at materials purchased and ends at to parts out-going inspection. 
Triple-c mold has implemented a  quality procedure system to ensure each steps are controlled, through first article inspection to process capabilities study(PPAP), 
We guarantee that our manufacturing is stable and according our customers requiremenst and wished.

 All steel/resin we used is strictly following customers' specification, genuine steel purchased certificates and property specification of plastic raw materials are always available if customer made request.

Our company always keep quality at a top level , using general instrumenst such as CPK QC process control , It is very rare that a  china mold manufacturers by injectionmoldschina, uses such an advanced system in china  Our Aim is to Go for zero default. 

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